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System loses Time, Setting or sometimes gives Dead Battery errors.

This one's easy...the battery is dead! Replace it.

Battery only works Sometime.

Sometimes the battery works fine. Then, sometimes you get errors, or your setting are gone and the computer forgets what time it is. In many cases, this is because the battery is getting low and is losing voltage. It could also be a bad connection between the battery and the motherboard.

I changed the CMOS settings and it doesn't show.

When exiting the CMOS setup after changing settings, make sure you choose "Save and Exit" to leave. Choosing "Exit Without Saving" my accident will cause you to have this problem.

The Motherboard is cracked.

Well, unfortunately, this means you will have to buy a new board. You can't repair it. To prevent it in the future, make sure the motherboard has plenty of support to prevent flexing. And be careful when pressing cards into the board.

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