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Modem Installation

Modem Installation is a very easy procedure that does not even require you to open the case of your computer. It is important to note that you must have access to cable Internet service via your local cable company in addition to having the cable modem itself to access the Internet via a cable modem. Just having cable TV does not mean you have access to the Internet via your cable connection.

How to Install
Unpack your cable modem from the box and verify all package contents are there.

Determine if you will be connecting your cable modem to your computer via a USB cable or a CAT 5 network cable. Most new computers come with network jacks from the manufacturer. A CAT 5 network cable looks like a large telephone cable. Connecting via USB or CAT 5 cable will do the same thing, however, connecting via USB will consume system resources that using a CAT 5 cable will not.

Plug your cable modem into the wall outlet and connect your cable TV connection from the wall into the back of your modem. The connector on the back of your modem for the TV cable looks just like the TV cable connector on the back of a television.

Once you plug in your cable modem to the wall outlet and the TV cable, you are ready to connect the modem to your computer via either USB cable or CAT 5 cable. If using a USB cable simply plug the USB cable into a vacant USB port on your computer. If connecting via a CAT 5 cable, plug either end of the CAT 5 cable into your computer and the other end into the jack on the cable modem that looks like a large telephone plug.

If you connect your cable modem to your computer via a CAT 5 cable, you are now ready to use your cable modem and browse the Internet. If you are connecting your cable modem via a USB cable, move on to step 6.

When connecting your cable modem to your computer via a USB cable, you will need to install the USB drivers onto your computer. The manual that came with your cable modem will give details on how you should accomplish this. Be sure to read the manual for installing the drivers. Again, it is preferable to connect your cable modem to your computer via a CAT 5 cable.

If you run into problems disconnect all cables from your modem and start over from the beginning. If you still have difficulty with your modem, contact your cable modem manufacturer or provided for further assistance.