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How to Connect Two Computers

In this article you will learn that how to connect two computers with each other. By connecting the computers with each other you can share data and resource of each computer. All you need is to configure the LAN cards of the computer, straight over cable and RJ45 connectors (if you are using hub/switch) and hub or switch. There are two common methods that are used to connect the computers with each other.

In this article you will learn that how to make cross over, straight over cables and configure the LAN card.

1. Cross Over Cable

With the cross over cable you can directly connect two computers with each other without using hub or switch. You need to put the each end of the RJ45 connector into the LAN card of each PC.

2. Hub/Switch

Hub or switch is used if you want to connect more than two computers with each other. You need to insert one end of the UTP/STP cable into the LAN card of your and one end into the Hub/Switch.

LAN Card Configurations

After you have made the cables according to your requirements, the next step is to install and configure the LAN card in your computer.

In Windows XP Professional, go to the Control Panel > Double click Network Connections > Right click local area connection > Click Properties. In Local area connection box click the general tab and click TCP/IP. After selecting the TCP/IP click Properties and select this radio button “Use the following IP address”. In the IP address box put IP address of any class i.e. and in the subnet mask put If you don’t have Gateway or DNS server in your network then leave the respective entries blank. After this select the following check boxes.

1. Show Icon in the notification area when connected.

2. Notify me when this connection has limited or not connectivity.

Click ok.

As you select the above boxes a pair of the blinking monitors will appear at the right side of the taskbar. From these blinking monitors you can monitor the network activity.

Repeat all the LAN card configurations steps in every computer in your network.

Note: In each computer you need to change the IP address like the following.

Computer A
Comuter B
Computer C

Subnet mask will remain the same for all the computers that are using the same class IP address.

Computer name and Workgroup Name

After successfully configuring the LAN card and applying the unique IP address to every computer the next step is to use the unique name of the computer and common workgroup name. You can set the computer name and workgroup name by the following steps.

Right click My Computer > Click Properties > Click Computer name and then press Change button.

Here you need to apply the unique name of the computer i.e. PC-1, PC-2, PC-3 etc and the same workgroup name for all the computers in your network.

Repeat the above steps for all the computers in your network.

Those who want to connect two computers by their own. Not much technical knowledge is required for PC connectivity. By following the above steps you can successfully connect two PCs and share data and resources like printer, hard disk, CD/DVD ROM and scanner etc with each other. All you need to do is to making the cables correctly, configuring the LAN card and apply computer and workgroup name.